You Are a Team

You Are a Team By Jennifer Allen Newton  We often tend to think of teams in terms of organizational structures – people with whom you work, cooperate and collaborate in order to get things done. But just because one is expected to work within a particular team doesn’t mean the interpersonal relationships within that team…
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There is Power in Honesty

There is Power In Honesty by Miki Jo Resto As a child, I was taught to be honest. I was told – and it was modeled for me – that a good person is always honest, unless that honesty might hurt someone’s feelings (in which case you should say nothing at all). I have never…
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How to work from home?

How to work from home? The Real Estate Dads, Adam Rosal and David Fein, are doing a great job helping those of us with kids running around, family obligations and the external stress of constant media noise in the background. It's no wonder people are struggling with how to work from home.

They invited MJ to chat with them about how to find some balance and increase focus.