real people stories

Carl, a leader in the family business, recently broke the ceiling for annual company revenue.

And feels on top of the world because he’s also made positive and dramatic shifts to his health and ability to be present for his wife and kids. When he came to us, he said “I have two great opportunities. One is to scale the business. And second, I need to get healthier so I can be there more for my wife and kids.” He asked if it was possible to grow business AND create more balance. (He didn’t really think there was but wanted to be open.) Carl was surprised. With us he discovered his own path to both multiply company revenue, plus find the balance in his health and wellbeing. He said learning how to do both well – be an excellent leader and feel just as successful as a dad and husband – has to be one of the biggest challenges and achievements of his life. 

– CMO, Washington

What is Genspire?

Genspire™ is a proven approach for manifesting your highest vision – your next level. It is an extraordinary approach for discovering your own emerging guidance — with benefits beyond compare.

This approach integrates leading-edge neuroscience, *epigenetics, positive psychology and undeniably effective ancient wisdom.

*Epigenetics – the science of how your mind-body-brain responds to your thoughts, plus your internal environment (mind and body) and external stimuli (people, places, and things).

This is unparalleled pathfinding guidance for your courageous adventure.


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real people stories

Karen said she is “on fire in the best way possible.”

She now leads a team that makes a huge difference for the environment.

When she came to us, she said she needed a change of direction. Though she already had a lucrative career, she knew there was “something different” for her. Something more. Yet wondered if she would have the courage to make a change. 

As we supported her in discovering what “something more” meant for her, she also focused on optimizing her health. Then she experienced something unexpected. She said, “I feel younger and more excited by life.” Karen noticed her confidence increasing, experienced more creativity, outstanding energy, greater clarity – and she felt truly inspired and motivated. And a clear vision of her next big step emerged.

Karen says working with us has given her a whole new perspective. Yes, she makes a high 6 figure income. But that’s not why she now feels great about her success and her life. Karen redirected her ambition in a way that is truer to herself. She is “braving my own authentic path in the smartest way possible. This is what I wanted before I knew what I wanted.” 

– Senior Development Director, Tennessee

Stop Struggling. Start Soaring.