Step into your highest vision

Emerge a stronger you

Discover a proven approach for elevating your life and work.

Avoid the struggle.

You are good at what you do. So, why does it still feel hard?  Why does it feel like something is missing? 

Do you want to settle…or soar?

Are you seeking something different, something more?
Have you hit a plateau or ceiling, and keep on hitting it?
Do you need a new perspective?

There is another way.

With these three things you can achieve anything in work, life and health.

Recognize your deepest strengths — apply them differently.

Increase functional health and well-being — achieve transformative resilience.

Stop struggling, stay curious — master flow.

This is where we come in.

With our proven and holistic Genspire™ approach you will discover your own unique path, enjoy the journey and emerge a stronger you.

Many solutions promise you custom results but end up feeling formulaic — and never quite deliver.


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See through Blind Spots

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Overcome Barriers

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Shatter Ceilings

real people stories

Jaime’s business is making 7 figures now. 

She came to us with a desire to take her business to the next level but couldn’t get there because she “felt stuck” with her health and the energy level she had to give to her business. And she had difficulty imagining what else she could do to make the changes she needed. With us, she redesigned how she works in her business and found the insight and inspiration to overcome her personal blocks and professional barriers. She found a creative way to scale, transformed how she thinks, no longer experiences draining pain and has more vital energy than she’s known in years.  

– Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

real people stories

Wendy is creating her legacy and mastering flow.

She came to us claiming to be an introvert with an extrovert’s career. She was burnt out from leading a sizable non-profit community in a highly visible role. She had “always loved the mission and work.” Back then, she was proud that she didn’t “draw lines” between work and life for many years. Then, she realized that the way she was “doing life” was holding her back from fulfilling her needs, as well as her bigger vision. With us she transformed how she processes constant pressure and high stress – even though she once equated the old way with success and excellence. And she learned how to become masterful at sustaining flow with balance. With new paradigms and guardrails she grew stronger in mind, body and vision. She created her new path with wisdom from a place of vibrance and sense of (in her words) “sublime wonder.” 

– Executive Director, Colorado

The Genspire approach is based on our experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.

We deliver a discerning process, bringing fresh perspective to elicit a paradigm shift.

Get ready to be treated like a unique individual. Everything you get here focuses on you and your singular path.

Experience a special and trusted space. Connect your whole self with your whole life and vision: Career > Health > Life.

Emerge a stronger you in every way. First class, science-based approach makes it easier for you to thrive and soar.

real people stories

Matt is now an industry leader and top 1% sales in the nation.

Even more importantly (to him) he’s living life on his terms. He came to us and said, “I’m really good at what I do but I want something more. I see myself living life very differently and I’m not sure how to get there. Oh, and I don’t think I have any health problems but I’m open to getting healthier.” With us he discovered what is truly gratifying at this time in his life and forged a new path for his professional and personal growth. He also shifted his perspective about health and  gained a profound sense of how his mind and body work together – greatly influencing resilience and mental clarity. He credits this process for unleashing more creativity, the emergence of a clear vision and his sense of new-found passion.  

– National Sales Leader, San Jose, CA

Stop Struggling. Start Soaring.