Connect For Success San Diego Interviews Coach MJ

Podcast Interview -- Miki Jo (MJ) is interviewed by Kara Horat for the Successful Entrepreneur Podcast. MJ discusses her personal journey as an entrepreneur, how she approaches her business as an executive business coach, and why she blends it with functional health and wellness.
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CREATIVITY is a Gift from Nature

May is a month of CREATIVITY. The natural world is filled with creative energy at this time of year. And it can also be a time for your own creative ideas to sprout, take root and begin to grow. A while back I told Coach MJ that I was feeling blocked creatively and really needed to…
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Life is Unpredictable, Stay CURIOUS

March is unpredictable. It’s a month of change in nature, when Mother Nature throws us curve balls. We may be savoring the sweet smell of cherry blossoms one day and shoveling snow the next. Such rapid changes can push and pull us in a lot of different directions mentally, emotionally and physically. We can let…
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