What Clients Say


Our clients report extraordinary well-being.

After working with Imagine Your HealthTM, they experience major increases in health, personal strength, balance and unanticipated confidence.

Our clients report deep transformation.

They describe feeling centered and connected, conscious and present, resilient and inspired.

Their growth has enabled them to create measurable success for goals they once thought of as “aspirational.”

I’ve just taken back my power in a thousand ways with this guidance.


A Few Quotes from Clients

The top three areas that I’ve benefited the most are my health, my career, and mission. All equally. – Denise


My business and life have transformed. – Nina


I’ve nearly tripled my income and am now closing on my own dream house. – Brian


This was a huge reason why my business changed. I became so much more effective. – MaryAnn


People are looking at me as an industry leader and coming to me for advice. They want to know what my secret is.. – Carl


I could change my behavior and feel really good about it. In a big way, this has changed my performance in business and what I think I can do.  Rand

I’m more present now than I have ever been.

– Amber

More about Personal Outcomes

It’s like someone finally gave me my own owner’s manual to ME! Tracy


My relationships are much better and I get better results because of it, personally and professionally.  Sharon


I’m working with Imagine Your Health on how to allow great things to happen, instead of feeling stuck and confused.  Todd


I could go on and on about what I’ve learned through the coaching process with Imagine Your Health. – Julio


Even though I consider myself an aware person, I’ve learned a lot about myself and that helps me in my own self-direction and just how to feel happier. – Lisa


So, I had those deep daring questions… I needed a place to explore those questions at a very deep level. That’s why I’m working with Imagine Your Health. Su

I wanted to understand myself better because I figured I was not working well with who I am. I needed some more education and grace within a safe and respectful space.

– Brenda

Greater Health and Well-being

We’re working on full integration of my whole body and my whole self. – Christina


This created such a huge burst of momentum for me!!!  The only thing I did was change what I eat. – Wendi


Being present is one of the most impactful tools for transformation. – Jeff


I just got my blood work back...All of my health indicators have dramatically shifted with fantastic results. Amazing!……It is all working together. - Karen


I don’t feel any judgement or advice giving that I have sensed from other coaches at Imagine Your Health. – Laurie


With my coach's help, I gave up my food addiction and have been successful for months now. – Dean


Imagine Your Health helped me to understand the health components. They know a lot about nutrition. It's so empowering to know that you can stop and create new habits. – Vera


I love my doctor, but he is sometimes too rooted in pharmaceuticals for my taste...The work I did with Imagine Your Health taught me how to change what I eat…Today we got the test results back!!!  Every single number is normal!  Every one of them. – Tammy

I was thinking of coaching just from a business perspective. I didn't feel like I had any personal or health issues holding me back... and then we got to work.

– Sandeepa

*These are quotes from real clients. However, all names have been changed to protect anonymity.

Reclaim Your Well-being